Friday, January 2

1, then 2, followed by 3

Posted by Shelly Holder

So, evidently I can't count, which means although I went to bed twice, I actually wrote two posts on the same day. So my New Year's post was January 1, and I thought my wish list Jan. 2, but was still the late evening of January 1. Anyways the result is a big mixed up whirl inside my head, and mass confusion outside, and too man posts for a daily routine. So today's (at least, I think it's today's..... ) is just a brief note on the marvel of books. The variety. The wide range of availability. Everything. Today my lovely Barnes and Nobles order showed up on my doorstep, with books, books, books!! So no more writing for today, because I must go read! 
(This is all research you understand... to see what works, what doesn't etc etc etc. lol)

Right Now:
What I'm listening to: Nothing! I focus better when I read without music. Besides I'll just tune it out anyways, so it's a waste
What I want most: Well, to read of course!!! =)