Friday, December 12

Lots of Goings On...

Posted by Shelly Holder

Whew! Have these past couple of weeks been hectic or what? So much so that, unfortunately, lots of things... blog, website, writing, reading, etc etc etc. have fallen WAY behind. WAY, WAY, behind. Now, hopefully, I'm back to a place that encourages a return to routine, and all will be well again. (hahhahahaha, like I'm ever going to sucessfully post every single day, no matter what place I'm in)

Well, I have tragic news to report. My bags were lost in transit as I went on vacation last week, and still are yet to be found. Hope is growing dim for their recovery, and I'm mourning the loss of some of my favorite clothing and makeup items. But most especially, mourning the lost of all my journals!!! I can't believe it, can't believe how stupid I was to trust my journals to a checked bag instead my carry-on like normal! So I've lost my journal, my writing calender, my book release calender, and my notes journal. Argh! I think I might even have lost my regular ole school calender, but I'm not for sure. I'm so peeved!!!! Finally, finally I thought I had things under control and worked out, and boom!!! Loss of all hope. The airlines is giving me a hundred bucks compensation, but I don't care! I want my bags! (*tearsofrage*)


So, to focus on the positive. (No wait, there is none. Ok, yes there is. But I wish there wasn't.)
I found an older book of Lilith Saintcrow's in B&N the other day, which was way exciting. I also found a new release in a series that I had been following, as well as three new authors, giving me hope for the literary state of Barnes and Nobles. And it's December 12th, which means it's just that much closer to spring '09, when the new Ilona Andrews book comes out. (*drool*) Can't wait. And the next Lilith Saintcrow releace in August '09. Oh, yummy. 2009 is gonna be a great year.

Well, I think that covers most of the happenin's. See y'all tomorrow!

Right now:
What I'm listening to: The TV in the next room over. Indistinct, white noise.
What I want most: The sequel to Steelflower. Come on, Lilith Saintcrow, hurry up! lol.