Wednesday, November 19

"When the Paper tells the Pen What to Do..."

Posted by Shelly Holder

Wow! Look at me! Actually posting in a responsible manner, i.e. before 2 am, coherent, and sitting at a proper desk. Almost like is I was a real professional at this stuff. lol

Anyways. So today's topic-my obsessiveness. Or rather, a different aspect of my obsessiveness that previously discussed. Admittedly, there are many instances of my obsessiveness. haha.

Yesterday I mentioned that I had created a collection of varied notebooks, journals, and calenders for even more varied uses. One of the journals was to be memoir-esque in my entries, a diary for my future kids and grandkids to read. (A classic obsessiveness is my hyper-awareness of my need to have a legacy that I can pass on, but that's another post.) Anyways, because of the imposed importance I have placed on this single, $22 leather-bound, gilt-edged journal, I have also placed a great deal of superficial importance on the pen I use to write in it. Yes, you read correctly. The pen is important. I have a trend where I match the character of the notebook or journal or calender not only to it's purpose and subject matter but also the pens and pencils and highlighters that I use in it. The writing calender has a very studious fine point capped black pen with a bright pink highlighter. The daily chronology has a very cheap, thin black pen that is bought in boxes of 20. For the student calender I use a pencil, in case of mistakes, a red felt tip for exams, and a multitude of different highlighters for my color-coded activities. And today, happily, I found the perfect pen for my memoir journal- a retractable pen with gold accents that match the gilt edged pages, and a smokey metallic color that looks very attractive against the black leather cover. It's very professional, very elegant and very sophisticated with smooth writing. The perfect type of pen to write down my legacy.

Right Now:
What I'm listening to: Amy MacDonald's "Poison Prince"
What I what most: More time in the day. A frequent complaint. I have a 6:30 am flight in the morning and I still have packed for my month long trip. sigh. Oh vey.

Acknowledgement: The title is taken from Lope De Vega's play Feunte Ovejuna... I think. It's a long story. Someday I'll tell you all about it.