Thursday, November 20

Help for the Hopeful Literary Afficienado

Posted by Shelly Holder

First of all, I would like to mention that travel is not condusive towards anything other than travel itself, and especially not towards blogging. Perhaps because all original thought is stamped out early on, starting at the curb where "White zones are for immediate loading and unloading of passenders only" and only ending at the same curb however many miles or countries away. But I won't expand on that topic of "airtravel is like herding cows" however tempted I may be. It does nothing for my assumed personality of kindness and patience. Nor anything for my blood pressure, which might be the truth behind my avoidance. Apparently I am very good at discosing my true persoanlity. hahaha
I'll cover yesterday's topic in tomorrow's post. (Oh how journalistic I sound! As if this wasn't totally based on opinion and bias. Apparently I can create a fictional personae even for myself- oh no, wait, I do that all the time. lol)

So, today! Today let's talk about magazines. Specifically, Bookmarks, a magazine of true worth and appeal to book-lovers worldwide. The entire thing is about... books. Book summaries, book reviews, critic reviews, lists of books, author's favorite books, expert's books, books by genre, books by topic, books, books, books! The magazine's stated goal is to provide reviews for readers- no revealing endings or plot twists here! The coverage of the books I think are very thoughtful and indepth, providing a plot summary by the writer, a gathering of critic reviews from various newspapers and journals, and then a overall summary of impression by the writer. The books themselves are wide-ranging and varied, from biography, memoir, non-fiction and ficiton, to topic themselves, such as crime, science fiction, historical fiction. Some articles even deal with very very specific writings, like yoga, or sea voyages, or investing, or the Tudor period. Get the picture? It's over 50 pages of pure literary loveliness. I only have the one magazine (back issues are available) but I already have a mile-long list of books to check out and probably what will turn into a life-long loyalty to the magazine. Plus, I already know what I'm asking for this birthday. =)