Monday, April 28

Absence Makes the Heart.... Well...

Posted by Shelly Holder

I would apologize for the extreme lack of consistency in this blog, but I now realize that my case is hopeless, and I will certainly skip another day in the future, so all self-recriminations are useless and my apologies to the not-listening world a waste of time. Hence, no apologies.

So, the last month has seen me with an unexpected abundance of leisure time, something I know I haven't fully taken advantage of, my reading generally limited to the title credits in a movie or TV show. But I have discovered my fondness for (and inner identification with) snarky and sarcastic characters, specifically House from the self-titled show. Extremely intelligent characters with social awkwardness and naivete also top my list, ie. Dr. Temperance Brennan from the show Bones. I definitely have appreciation for the writers that create such shows as these. I didn't follow the strikes except to know when new episodes came back, but my enjoyment of these latest shows definitely gives me a tendency to side with the writers. Deserving doesn't begin to cover it.

But I probably shouldn't show my ignorance to the world. I merely am trying to articulate my new-found appreciation for the serial drama, today's adaptation of the serial novel. If Dickens could do it, why shouldn't I appreciate the splendor of cliff-hanger chapters in it's modern form of the weekly episode? We readers really should learn to branch out a little, lose a bit of the intellectual snobbery I know I hoard with secret glee and satisfaction.

This is the problem with writing without topic or purpose. You expose too much that is by definition unflattering, and reveal that under the enviable vocabulary and disguising grammatical structure there lurks the uninformed b.s.-er. Ah, sadness. Well, that is actually my goal for the rest of this summer and fall, as I continue with the unexpected leisure time. I don't necessarily mean that I am setting out to cure literary ignorance. (although this new book I have called 101 Most Influential People that Never Lived has some very interesting segments, including one on the continuation of the Nancy Drew series beyond the originals. Interestingly, there are different series for different age groups and interests, including one that is more geared towards the romantic aspect than the good, old-fashioned mystery solving crime aspect. I've not known about any these series, and I'm really quite amazed. I also really do think I need to brush up on my deductive and deducing skills as well...) More I am trying to expand my knowledge in other areas of interest. Like cooking. I really haven't got a grasp on the basics, yet I experiment as if I have years of practice and knowledge. Not the best arrangement for my digestion by any stretch of the imagination. And fashion as well. I'm considered myself reasonably well-dressed, but my unexpected leisure time has also called for the heavy utilization of scarfs in my wardrobe, and the ability to properly apply said scarves into an outfit frankly stumps me. Hence, an investigation into fashion and style. Lastly, taking another look at my old anthropology and archaeology textbooks, to brush up on the basics in hopes that I can get into an upper division anthro class when I go back to school. Of course, my school is giving me trouble about approval of transfer credits, but I'm not complaining. They can't help the underlying snobbish and elitist tendencies that plague and restrict true learning.

I should probably stop before my tongue gets me in trouble (it has that tendency). The last thing I am doing is armchair travel. I see a future full of lots and lots of Frommers. And some of those really cute pocket dictionaries that don't really help but look fabulous on your shelf once you get about 8 or so of them from the same publisher. You look intelligent if you have them all lined up, even if you can only say "My dog is having a heart attack. Where is the veterinarian?" in Turkish, Yiddish and Mandarin Chinese.

Of course, if you happen to enjoy traveling with your much beloved Yorkie or Jack Russel...

Right Now:
What I'm listening to: Nothing. I was going to bed but then got distracted.
What I want most in the world: Hmmmm. To stop being hungry. I ate a ton today, probably literally, and yet I really am considering a snack right now, which is beyond ridiculous.