Thursday, December 16

Jedi Mind Tricks

Posted by Shelly Holder

I was thinking- shocking I know- that I should rewrite my chapter one like a Steeplechase challenge. Completely redo the whole thing without referring to the original.

But I LIKE my chapter one, which is kinda why I have no chapter two. Which implies the lack of chapter three which means no chapter 30 which means no book deal which means no royalties or book advance party or hot limo rides down any strip of any kind.

I dunno about this whole novel business. It's a bit different from what I usually do, so I'm unsure of when to stop and when to move on and when to toss the whole fudging thing in the trash for the nourishment of dust bunnies.

Who am I kidding about being a novelist? I should stick short forms I can actually complete.

I try and trick myself into challenges like this rewriting gig to convince myself otherwise, but the excitement is long gone and the spark fizzled on a short fuze. Hard work is no substitute for training.

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LeMeesh said...

Do you like the novel writing business? If so, keep at it. Slash, maybe what you need is to actually do NaNoWriMo. Once you've done it once (however hastily and/or crappily), it might seem more plausible to do it again?

- M

writinflower01 said...

A fair numbers of authors say that- the best thing you can do for yourself (re: writing novels) is to actually write a novel. Completion being key, and somehow a springboard to the next, and the next.

But since I'm struggling with getting past "getting started" I'm not sure how much help such advice is. There has to be a few more steps than "sit down and do it," right?