Tuesday, November 2

All Sorts of Random

Posted by Shelly Holder

So there are a whole bunch of stuffs to address, with no logic. So, bear with me just for a little bit. Or ignore this post. You know, whatever.

First! I am happy to say that I have been accepted for publishing in Camroc Press Review and Short, Fast, and Deadly! Both publications have impressed me with their submission process, and I have enjoyed interacting with their editors. Seriously, go check both of them out. And read! And submit!

Also, I'm am in love with  > kill author. Their philosophy is just so unique and somehow "fresh" (which I should not be saying as if I were the cynical veteran of the small presses). Check out their interview with PANK magazine to see what I mean. 

Double also, I now have a HEE-UUUUUUUUUUUUGE fangrrl author crush on T.H. Mafi. She's super funny, agented, and only 22! *suddenly eyes January birthday with disfavor* I would be super jealous if she wasn't completely down to earth about all the hard work she had to do. Also, practical about writing trials and tribulations, without letting them getting her down. Actually, pretty much she might be the author I wanna be.

So I have also finally invested the time to use Duotrope's Digest, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The interviews with the editors are invaluable, and the stats on response times and rejections so helpful. I really think that I'm getting published in CPR and SFD because of them. Use it. Be an avid tracker. Help keep the stats accurate.

I have decided that I become more and more "out there," I need to step out of an amateur role. So I have taken down my book blog- it's no longer public. I don't need to be commenting on other author's books as another author. If I decided to stick strictly within the role of a reader/commenter, that's different. But I want to be peers with some of these people. There's just too much possibility for mishap, mayhem, and madness. I don't want some future internet drama cat fight thing to be hash-tagging MY name! So no more book blog. I'll leave that to another type of writer. And I think I might pull my reviews from Goodreads- or make it private. Something. There will be more purging. I will be the ultimate professional.

Um, also updates to the website. More hyper-linking. More samples. More "professional" details, and bio. (Do you see the trend? I'm kinda obsessed. lol) It's a work in progress.

And, yeah. I think that's about it. It was scattered. But whatever. So's my mind. ;-)

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Cindy Knull said...

Really enjoying your blog. I found you on nablopomo.

writinflower01 said...

Thank you very much! I'm glad you like. Hope to see you around!