Tuesday, June 1

She's a Working Writer!!

Posted by Shelly Holder

It's official! I'm a working poet!

Today my poem "Spring is Here" was published by e-zine Everyday Poets, and I am so excited! Mostly because this signals the true launch of my career in writing...

I got paid.

I am a working writer!!!

Everyday Poets has a philosophy that if you write it, you worked hard, therefore you should get paid for it (but with the catch that it'll only be a nominal fee). So therefore, I have the largess of a dollar. (lol)

But do I care? No. I do not care. I absolutely do not care. In fact, I absolutely adore my dollar paycheck. If I didn't get paid electronically, I would frame said dollar. It's my first from writing and I love it.

Now, I'm off to watch the polls and the comments section, then to curl myself into a ball of misery when the reviews come back bad, gorging myself on coffee and chocolate. At least I have a new book released today that I'm super excited about-- it's ebook format too, which means I can have it in five, four, three, two...


Write Now:
What I'm listening to: country kitchen sounds
What I want most: book, or good reviews? book, or good reviews? hmmmmmmm.


purplume said...

I remember my first check for a short story. Very exciting.
I love the poem.