Wednesday, May 12

Have Roadster, Will Travel

Posted by Shelly Holder

It's the night before the conference!! Well, actually, it's the night before my roadtrip to the conference. I'm driving five hours up to Lancaster, PA to attend the Pennwriter's Writer's Conference. But before you feel sorry for my numbed posterior, here's something you should know...

Secret: I love roadtrips.

I actually like driving five, six hours to go someplace. It doesn't feel as long to me as you might imagine. With my location on the East Coast, I can easily dash up to Richmond, D.C., Baltimore, or Philly. I can  also scoot down to Durham (next week's conference!) or across state to Charlotte or anywhere I want to go. I really can go pretty much anywhere, and I try to follow through.

Since last summer I've put almost three thousand miles on my adorable Rosie Gambler, Roadster. I am determined to drive and drive and drive until I drive my car into the ground (because want else is it for? Girl's gotta go places.)

So! Agenda:
this weekend--Lancaster, PA
next weekend-- Durham, NC
following day-- Portland, OR (this will require a plane-- I'm not THAT addicted)
same week- heartland of Texas
following week-- home to California for month of June
month of July-- Prague creative writing summer school!!! And Russia!!!
month of August-- possibly travel for a week, then back to VA

Oh yeah. I gotta good summer. Good good summer.

Write now:
What I'm listening to: Panera diner music
What I want most: to get going!!