Wednesday, April 14

Aliens and Other Things

Posted by Shelly Holder

Not real aliens. Just *things* are taking over my brain, and since they're unnatural, we might as well call them aliens.

Right? Right.


-The very cool radio show that I was on yesterday (for unrelated, school stuff). I try to keep pretty anonymous here on the blog (despite having my name blazoned across everything) meaning no photos, no proper names of other people, no city names, no campus name, etc etc etc. But! if you have the burning desire to hear me speak you can find the two part segment here and here. Sadly, my voice is more attractive than I am.

- Proposals. Again, sadly, the unattractive kind- namely, for an independent study course. Fun (in it's own, sadistic way) but in legalize. Or rather, academia.

-Personal milestones. Like getting my first apartment!!! (With Roomie the Long Suffering One and MlleDiabolique -- who I suppose now inherits the secondary title of Long Suffering Roomie #2) VERY exciting stuff, including bookcases (bookcases!) filling cabinets (filling cabinets!) organizing drawers (organizing!) and bento boxes (bentos!) as well as decorating (decorating!) and more decorating (decorating!). But it's a HUGE timesuck (slurp!). So my last few days... yeah, what happened to the last few days?

-Volunteering. Today, actually. Good, but less time for blogging and/or homework.

-Finals! Bah, humbug.

So, little mental space for writing, even if I know theoretically that there is the physical time for it somewhere (theoretically).

So to fulfill the "writing" part of this blog, I give you the only 12 and 1/2 writing rules you'll ever need, and the ones that currently reside above my desk (along with the homemade "Abandon Logic, Just Write" sign). If there turns out to be wall space in my new bedroom (I doubt it, bookshelves take precedence over posters) I may buy the real glossy sheet, instead of the out-of-focus version I have now.

But first, bookcases. 


uncreativewriting said...

But... It's not a poster for me. It's just an image. Does that mean I'm allowed to stare at it for as long as I want?