Monday, February 22

Young Author, You're Still Learning

Posted by Shelly Holder

Sometimes even the best crazy organizer goes astray.

I have my calendar. I have multiple folders. I have different email accounts. I'm pretty good at separating the various "me"s and keeping them all in line- the school "me," the writer "me," the miscellaneous other "me." But sometimes it's not the separation that matters, but simple commonsense.

I had a poetry contest deadline over the weekend. I say had, because I missed it. I had written down only the name, so when I went to look for the submission guidelines, I couldn't find them.

They were not in my calendar.
They were not in my saved emails.
They were not in my folders.
They were not in my browser bookmarks.
They were not on my contest list.

They were not anywhere.

So I missed the deadline. And now I've rather ruefully learned to write everything in my calendar, as well as noting where to find the original blurb.

Such a simple mistake, such a stupid reason to miss a deadline.

Young Author- new lesson.

Right now:
What I'm listening to: nothing. I'm at the library.
What I want most: my computer cord. I left it at the dorm...