Tuesday, February 16

Schedule View

Posted by Shelly Holder

Well, I was inspired by the good responses that I got to yesterday's post about my submission tracker Excel spreadsheet, so I thought I would show off what the month holds for me in my writing schedule. Nothing fancy- just my blogs, a few contests, and a couple applications. But it helps me see my writing, and my progress. I can quickly see that I average about four posts a week... and when I flip back to January and compare the pages, I can see that I'm doing much better, and don't beat myself up for missing those two days. In short, it helps me stay balanced while continuing to be focused.

I might be taking both a little overboard, but I really just function better when I have both the spreadsheet and the calender working for me. I feel like I take myself seriously, and that helps me view my work with confidence. If I see myself as a writer, rather than just another English major who writes, then I feel like I'm making progress.

Right Now:
What I'm listening to: "In the Cold" by Acceptance
What I want most: a portable heater... or a quilt... the dorm is so cold! =(


Tom Vancel said...

I'd hate to post my writing schedule. It would scare me. I'm retired but have been blogging daily. Presently, I'm working on a book about my mission travels and found that I was putting many of the thoughts in my blog. Consequently, people will have seen what's in my book when I publish.Resolve: I'll write on the blog three days a weed--about something other than what goes in the book.