Wednesday, February 24

A New Love Affair

Posted by Shelly Holder

I am falling in love with the yellow legal pad.

I've never really explored the possibilities of the legal pad. I'm much more of a journal kind of girl, and have gotten into the small pocket sized ones that you can stick anywhere and take everywhere. I have many many mini journals- in every purse, in every backpack, extras in a drawer, a few by the bed, a few by the desk... I really like journals.

I also really like the Moleskine cardboard 5X7 journals-- the ones that come in a three pack? I find them handy to use thematically. One for last semester, one for this semester, one for scribbling, one for journaling in Romania- essentially the perfect size to hold my inspirations before I run out of ideas. Not long, but enough. (haha)

Unfortunately, I have run out of blank cardboard Moleskine three packs, and must resort to other means. The notebook is too ubiquitous, and loose paper too easy to loose. I happened to have several pads hanging around, and voila! The new partnership was born.

I am now in danger of running out of yellow legal pads.

Sigh. I suppose that it's now time for a school supply shopping adventure? I seem to recall that I have run out of white-out, and my highlighters are running low again. At least I had the forethought to bring highlighters from home this semester.

Really, what IS it with school supplies this year? So unaccommodating in my needs...

Right now:
What I'm listening to: "Gimme Sympathy" by Metric
What I want most: Moleskine journals!!


Charris said...

Hey Shelly, Blog Frog is ok but I must say I don't go on it much. the one I use the most is 2o Something Blogger. I like that one. Thats where I meet the most people and get the most followers. Check it out and if you join look me up so I can make you a friend. thanks for visiting my blog

Moorea Seal said...

i looooove moleskin journals! thanks for stopping by my blog new friend! I hope you are having a lovely day!