Saturday, December 26

Permant Travel for Writers

Posted by Shelly Holder

I was reading my FundsforWriters email the other day while waiting in the airport, and found an article on how house-sitting can be beneficial to writers. Since you can go anywhere with writing, you can easily turn a house-sitting gig into a mini personal writing retreat.

I've thought about retreats a lot lately, as I posted earlier, and the idea of house-siiting sounds just perfect. There would be the possibility of extended stays, and sometimes could be combined with pet sitting, so companionship wouldn't be a problem. Watering plants wouldn't be any hardship; in fact it would be a little like playing house Victorian style, with all the air of refined gentility and none of the nasty feminist issues or the reminders of the modern world like a real job.

The article writer said the they were house-siiting year round, didn't even have a place of their own, simply moved from house to house year round. Some aspests of this lifestyle I would find utterly terrifying and/or incredibly stressful, but it would be neat to try it out for a year or two. Perhaps after grad school, to take a unofficial sabatical and turn my dissertation into a publishable book (whether my thesis in question happens to be academic or creative in nature, the sentiment still applies.)

In any case, it''s an opportunity to keep in mind. I wouldn't be adverse to following through when the right time comes.

Right now:
Where I'm located: 30,000 feet up (posted later)
What I want most: Airplane pretzels, the kind with lots of salt.