Saturday, December 12

It's the New YellowPages

Posted by Shelly Holder

What to know something ridiculous that I have pining to do for about two months?

I want to write my own Wikipedia page.

As in, create my own Wikipedia page as a profile for me, Shelly Holder, the author... before I can claim that I am any such thing.

It's a sort of a vote of confidence in myself, the same way creating my own website before I had published or writing my back cover author blurbs were boosts to the ego. That I was taking myself seriously, and that I would allow myself not only to dream but to looked forward to a future I fully planned on having. It was powerful stuff, although I didn't recognize either that way originally. It's only lately that I've appreciated both steps for what they have come to mean.

Some day soon, I'm just going to give into the narcissism and go and create the darn thing. Just because it REALLY amuses me.

But until then, it's fun to plan out what I'm going to say...

Right Now:
What I'm listening to: Duffy "Stepping Stone"
What I want most: sleeeeeeeeeeeep!