Wednesday, November 18

It's Not Worth It

Posted by Shelly Holder

I want to write.

I really, really want to write.

I have scraps of papers and ideas floating around everywhere, on my phone, post-its, scratch paper, corners I tore off, journals, and different journals, envelopes, napkins, not to mention my computer and THREE blogs. Yes three. (Four, if you count LJ, which I don't.) How did I think that was ok? Argh. Too much. I need to go full-time freelance. I should just up and quit and not look back, because school isn't conducive to writing anyways.

Screw college. I wanna be a professional writer.


Debora said...

Remember me? Debora Fernandez from High School...

Look Shelly... I know I have no authority and probably don't know you at all as a person, but I do know you are incredibly talented... I stalk you from time to time and read some of your stuff. So I am here as a critic who wants to see more of you in fancy leather bound books.

All the ideas you have need time to develop, and you have to take the time to develop them. Don't quit. Please don't quit school either... even if you don't learn anything you can use in your writting, you are at the very least gaining a perspective that others wish they had.