Thursday, September 3


Posted by Shelly Holder

Validation, is of course, the ultimate goal of every writer; indeed, it is the ultimate goal of every person, we writers just have different masochistic ways of obtaining it. Sometimes, however, the smallest gesture is the noisiest advocate.

I received an email not long ago from a professor, which, in the crazy chaos of the first week of classes, got lost in the maelstrom. Brief, it was, barely longer than a line and a link, but saying much in lieu of words.


I thought you might like this.

That my professor could recognize my sense of humor is one thing-- that my professor could recognize my preferences in writing style is simply momentous. I was so excited to find that I had a recognizable "style". What I really mean, I was so excited to have a recognizable "voice."

Momentous indeed.

And for your viewing pleasure, a little tidbit of validation to brighten up your day.

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