Tuesday, July 21

TV and Insider Jokes

Posted by Shelly Holder

I have found a TV show that I absolutely ADORE. Mostly, I suspect, because of the main character, Castle, whose writerly antics I recognize within myself. Certainly the humor qualifies along the lines of British humor, except geared for writers, because I'm rolling on the floor while the Best Friend and the Maternal Figure shot me uneasy glances from the corner of their eyes. Oh well.

So may I present to you all, Castle!!!

Official blurb:

Richard “Rick” Castle [Nathan Fillion], a rock star of the literary world, is suffering from a case of writers block after killing off the main character in his novels and is struggling to come up with a replacement.

Castle had grown weary of having it all, “fame, fans and females”, when he was approached by the attractive Detective Kate Beckett [Stana Katic] of the NYPD to help catch the copy-cat killer staging murders based on scenes from his novels.

Castle is not a traditional investigator and his approach to solving the crimes conflicts with Beckett’s conservative approach leading to much tension and a hint of romance.

SUCH a good show!!

My favorite is the subtle humor found EVERYWHERE, like in the opening credits:

(A bleeding fountain pen? It decends and strikes through the A in the show, as well. So images of revision as well. Oh, goodness, I love this show.)
Or the DVD cover:
(C'mon! A book squishing the dead body? The tag line "A whole new chapter..."? Tell me you don't love that.)

But best I think is the scene where Castle plays poker with a couple buddies... that just happen to be James Patterson, Stephen King, and Sue Grafton. I about died with laughter at this one.

(Sorry, it's a little dark, but ...oh wait, it's a bunch of mystery writers having a poker game. Of COURSE it's dark. Also, not entirely sure if the lady on the left actually IS Sue Grafton, but on the website that's who they say she is. Maybe a representative?)

See why I love this show?

But, please, don't take my word for it. Watch the trailer, watch the series at Surf the Channel, buy the DVD come September 22... because you know I will!

Full Cast of Castle:

Right now:
What I'm listening to: (I guess I should say watching, but semantics, semantics) The Castle trailer. Again.
What I want most: The Castle DVD set. I just may have to pre-order from Amazon...


Ashley said...

Oh, how I love Castle. I've loved Nathan Fillion ever since Firefly and was so happy to see him in a show that got renewed for another season! That show is brilliant. And since more firefly can never be, I will content to watch my dear Nathan Fillion on Castle. :)