Friday, June 19

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Posted by Shelly Holder


It's early for me, isn't it? Posting on the correct date, and before 8 or 9 pm? Wow. lol.

Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been updating my website! I actually added a couple of things, so it's worth going over and checking it out. I needed to update for a really long time, but I never do. So the goal for the next few months is to really expand the resources that I have there. More excerpts, more poetry, more everything, more more more.

So I have posted there today a few poems. One poem I'm also sharing here, because I want to use my time today working instead of blogging. So enjoy the poem, and be sure to go to the website for the others!

This is a poem that I submitted to a flarf poetry contest. I didn't win, but I'm staggeringly proud of this piece. I've done a little bit of research into the flarf form, and I'm really interested. I would submit this poem again, but unfortunately it's not "true" flarf. Therefore, enjoy!


I would (if I could)
oooh, YES!!!!! I would- submit, lie down, die
sooooooo (yet on the other hand)
I can’t – damn. Damn, damn, damn.
n.m. = nevermind
you really wouldn’t understand (tear, cry, sigh, RAGE!!!)
once again my dreams-those shady, shady things
fall to pieces like snow
or gasp! Like ash from the fire
Mt. Vesuvius fire, of my burning desire
for everything… and yet nothing at all
Goes the siren of life
That one remaining sign
The indicator, the world’s heartless placator
If you life goes to hell in a handbasket
-A tisket, a tasket! Green and yellow baskets-
Superman will be there to save you after all.
After all, this is Hollywood babe…… (wink)
Poof. The magician disappears in the end.

Winter 2007

Right Now:
What I'm listening to: "This Celloid Dream" by A.F.I.
What I want most: Sleep.