Wednesday, April 8

A Strike of Conscience to the Heart

Posted by Shelly Holder

I realized today that I have more drafts than posts in the last month, and that all the drafts don't even fit on my dashboard page. I am horrified. I am struck with a guilty conscience. (*feeling very small*)

Would it help if I said that it was all the new blog's fault, and I wasn't to be blamed for being obsessed with big new shiny things? It's a fairly common human trait... Grass is always greener, etc etc etc... yeah... no excuse I know.

I'll try very very hard in the next few days to be good. I promise. Scout's Honor. But for now, I'll just assure you all that I'm alive, and doing reasonably well in the writer-y area of my life.

I just need to actually... well, write.

Right Now:
What I'm listening to: Nothing. Headache du jour.
What I want most: more time, but it's becoming a litany.