Sunday, February 15

Three minutes to post!!!

Posted by Shelly Holder

So three minutes before midnight, go!

So this is actually good, because I have a French essay due tomorrow, nine am. Yeah, typical college student. Typical me. Typical writer, procrastinating because my story isn't interesting enough, and it's better to wait for a good idea than write a half-good one. Riiiiiiiight.

Anyways, a thought to ponder. I can write the exact same story, in English and then in French, and yet the tone, and mental pathways that it uses are completely different. Translation, in its phraseology, creates such a different tone that the two stories, with exactly the same plot line, can become two separate works. 


Right Now: 
What I'm listening to: Nothing. Focus!!!
What I want most: To finish French. sigh. 


writinflower01 said...

oh, haha. I guess my computer is still set to Pacific time. So the whole rushing thing wasn't very beneficial... to my blood-pressure or coherency. Well, enjoy the brevity. =)