Monday, March 10

Opening Sequece!

Posted by Shelly Holder

Hello hello hello!!!

Well lookit this! I got a blog. May wonders never cease. And I thought I was so cool for getting my own website. Well, I guess I am just at the pinnacle of my technological prowess. Whatever that means. =)

So, since is the first post, I guess I need to do an intro? Sigh (Hark the memories of the first day of school....). I'm Shelly Holder, 19 years old, an only child born in California's Mojave Desert. Currently I am living in Virginia while attending college to get a BA in English/ Creative Writing. Hence I will have a degree that does nothing for me and a job that barely pays the rent to look forward to upon graduation. =) Go English majors. haha.

Obviously I wanna be a writer, if you couldn't tell from the blog title or from my website (which, iccidentally, you should really go check out. It's Do it- it's really cool, I designed it all by my lonesome.) So most of this blog will be me ranting about how difficult is it to get inspiration or a new story that I've started (and likely won't finish) or about a great book that I just read and really really wish I wrote first. But I might throw in a tidbit or too about my "real" life stuff. Who knows? This blog will probably just evolve as it goes....

Anyways, that's the deal! I write, you read, and neither of us is obliged to like what I wrote. =) Although it's a more serious problem if I don't like it....... haha.